The Story of Us

Happy Halloween

Rufio (Sam) met Zenon the Girl of the 21st century (me) at a Halloween Party in October 2011. Sam and I spent most of the night talking, but I left suddenly due to my ride going home. A few months went by until I saw Sam again. We re-met playing softball against each other. When I saw Sam on the pitching mound I excitedly waved and yelled “Sam! Sam!” With a look of confusion on his face he smiled and waved back. After the inning he came over to say hello. I said, “you don’t remember me, do you?” To my surprise he replies, “Ashley, right?” We laughed and quickly made proper how are yous and went back to the game. We remained friends over the next couple years and would occasionally grab dinner. After a family Outer Banks trip they finally convinced me to give Sam a chance and go on a date with him. July 2013, he had an extra ticket to the Jason Aldean/Florida Georgia Line concert and asked me to come. We became inseprable shortly after and the rest is history.

The Proposal

We were vacationing with my family in the Outer Banks. I had just gotten ready for dinner in my lime green yoga pants and t-shirt when my sister in law, Kalynne, insisted I change into a sun dress. My reply was “we’re at the beach I want to be in comfy clothes” She continued to poke fun at my yoga pants and kept telling me to put a dress on. I brushed her off and went upstairs for dinner.

Then during dinner my dad says, “Let’s go get ice cream and take a sunset family picture on the dock.” So that finally gets me to put some make-up on and change into a dress, still completely clueless as to what Sam has in store for me.

As we walk down to the dock and get ready to take the picture. I jokingly whisper to Sam, “this would be a good spot for a proposal.” He laughs and just shakes his head at me. We are all posed for the picture, except for my brother in law, Ben, who is offering to take the family picture. So, I say “Ben, what are you doing? You need to be in the picture?” He replies “Nah, I am good right here.” As I turn to look at Sam, he had already gotten down on one knee! I gasp and the tears start flowing! The next words out of my mouth were, “STOP, STOP, No Stop!” I thought he was joking around because of the comment I had made right before the picture. He grabs my hand and says, “Ashley, love you forever. Will you marry me?” Thru all my crying I manage to get out the word “YES!” Sam just continues to hold me for a few minutes while I laugh and cry my eyes out in front of my family and a dock full of strangers.
annie clark